Founder, Chairman of Mega International Group Enterprises, Inc.(USA);Chairman of Nanjing Megabailey International Trade Co., Ltd;Chairman of Jining Mega Packaging Products Co., Ltd.;Chairman of Nanjing Hotdeal Investment and Guaranty Co., Ltd.;Visiting Professor of Nanjing Normal University;B.A. degree in Music Theory and Composition from Nanjing Normal University, China, 1982; Master of Science in Communication from Fort Hays State University, Kansas, USA, 1992; Former Training Director of Panda Management Group (USA); Vice President of Nanjing Association of California (USA); Former Investment Advisor and CEO of International Trade under China United Forces Group.

Cross-culture training

1992-1994Panda Express (South Pasadena, CA); provided training for Chinese culture and American culture team members to work with each other.

1994-2000Coordinated and managed training programs for Chinese government delegations at California State University at Los Angeles, and at Fullerton.  Officials from Chinese provincial and municipal locations, multiple classes each focused on specific functions, for example: financial, civil engineering, transportation, etc.

Mergers & Acquisitions cross-culture

2000-currentArbitrated between China acquisition firm of Zhongtai group/Nanjing (Mr. Liu Xue Zhong, Chairman) and the American acquisition target team-helping each side to understand why the other side is also right, and moving both sides towards working agreement

2000-currentUnited Forces Group Ltd/Nanjing (Mr. Zhai Shao Jun, Chairman), arbitrated between acquiring and target teams

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