ISG specializes in “smoothing out” business transactions and long term relationships between Chinese and American (and other Western culture) enterprises.  It is focused on meeting specific needs of both the Chinese and the Western business, helping both sides to deliver a range of new opportunities to each other.


ISG Associates Cross-Culture
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Global corporations today require efficient and effective internal communications among work units that operate in both Chinese-culture and Western-culture.  These units can be in different countries, and they can be in the same country:  but the culture in each unit is different from the other one.

Often in the rush to get corporate work accomplished, one unit may overlook the different perception of the same workflow as seen from within the other work unit, for example:

1.Importance of face-to-face trust relationship:  Chinese work culture assumes a friendship bond between business units; thus, work orders via email and phone from corporate units without prior bonding may founder with misunderstandings.  Spending time initially to bond the two units will save much time and prevent misunderstandings later, especially when speedy interactions are needed.

2.High fear of risk in Chinese business practice:  Chinese work units may seem to cause delay to take action, not because of internal inefficiency, but because possibly they fear taking risk to take action they are unsure of.  It would be effective to spend time up-front (and preferably face-to-face) to explain risk mitigations for actions required from the Chinese-culture work unit.

3.Importance and meaning of “loss of face” in Chinese business culture:  Chinese-culture work colleagues maintain a relationship among their own work units and associates; thus overly-negative criticism from a Western-culture work colleague that reaches one of the associates to the Chinese-culture colleague, may result in loss of face among his associate network, and this can cause irreparable damage to the Chinese colleague’s future ability to draw upon his associate network to deliver on-time results to the Western-culture work unit.

ISG Associates will improve overall company performance by establishing clear cross-culture understanding between your Western-culture and Chinese-culture work units.

Seminars to explain the other-side culture
One-on-One sessions to explain the other-side perspective
Mediation sessions
On-call ability to respond immediately to questions

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